Mens’ Sheds

Midsomer Norton Men’s Shed is open to anyone over 18 years who wants to socialise and learn new practical skills or pass on their knowledge to others. The Shed is open on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9.30 behind the big barn at Farrington Farm Shop and the first two visits are free – so why not give us a try?

  • Buddy Bench delivered by Men’s Shed
    Midsomer Norton Men’s Shed have hand-built and delivered very colourful additions to the play-ground at Hemington Primary School. The multi-coloured Buddy Bench is part of a scheme to avoid school-children suffering loneliness and bullying. Any child feeling vulnerable simply sits on the bench and other children are invited to engage and befriend him or her. This not only helps the vulnerable child but also teaches the other pupils social responsibility. Men’s Shed has been supported … Read More
  • Midsomer Men’s Shed Launch
    The Midsomer Men’s Shed Project, part of Midsomer Norton Community Trust, have set a date for their launch of Friday 1st June, 1pm, at Farrington Farm Shop – located behind the Café. A warm welcome is being extended to anyone interested in becoming a ‘Shedder’. “The Shed will provide a place for men and women to come together where they can work on their own or community DIY projects – anything from making a garden planter … Read More