Who are we?


The Midsomer Norton Community Trust has space for eleven Trustees. As is detailed in it’s governing documents, this is to be made up of seven ‘Independent Trustees’ from the public, and four ‘Nominated Trustees’ who are appointed by Midsomer Norton Town Council.

The Chair of the Trustees will always be one of the Independent Trustees.

Independent Trustees

  1. Nikki Errington
    Appointed on 18th July 2013
  2. Patricia Flagg
    Appointed on 18th July 2013
  3. Bev Iles (Acting Chair)
    Appointed on 27th January 2020
  4. Richard Jordan
    Appointed on 18th December 2018
  5. Martyn Plant
    Appointed on 3rd November 2015
  6. Alastair Slade
    Appointed on 18th July 2013

Town Council Nominated Trustees include:

  1. Cllr Sue Graham
    Appointed 13th May 2019
  2. Cllr Gordon Mackay
    Appointed on 4th January 2018
  3. Cllr Lynda Robertson
    Appointed on 10th July 2013
  4. Cllr Christine Smith
    Appointed on 13th May 2019

The Community Trust has vacancies. If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please contact 01761 419133.

For full details of appointed Officers, click here to head to our profile on Companies House